As part of our ongoing goal to relieve y’all of the need for a newspaper, LoCO is going to start doing this now. 

According to the Humboldt County Recorder, the following optimistic folks will soon be making the plunge! Speak now or forever hold your peace, HumCo!:

# # #

  • 7/16/14: Tatiana T. McDermond and Thomas W. Fyfe
  • 7/16/14: Kaela R. Werner and Kristopher B. Westman
  • 7/16/14: Jordan L Johnson and Lacey R. Bernard
  • 7/17/14: Donna L Matthews and Daniel J. Meaney III
  • 7/21/14: Philip T. Dammann and Ashley A. Vanbeek
  • 7/21/14: Dustin J. Bradshaw and Sarah C. Vitello
  • 7/21/14: Emerald A. Young and Michael S. Whitlatch
  • 7/21/14: James A. Dexter and Teresa L. Circe
  • 7/21/14: Martha K Quam and Mark A. Kearon
  • 7/21/14: Cristina M. Aguilar and Aaron J. Santa Maria
  • 7/22/14: Jennifer R. Zeisloft and Joshua B. Levine
  • 7/22/14: Kenneth R. Driver and Martha M. Hemming
  • 7/22/14: Sydney E. Ely and Jared D. Bean-Sasser
  • 7/22/14: Rochelle R. Klepper and Alexander K. Hawk
  • 7/22/14: Darryl J. Burt and Dana L. Steele
  • 7/22/14: Clarence E. Newman and Patrice D. Weems
  • 7/22/14: Margaret M. Davis and Andrew J. Nugent

Note: In launching this feature, LoCO considered the perhaps more accurate title “ENGAGED,” but decided that did not sound as good. Eff it. HITCHED it is! Now, here’s some mood music, you lovebirds!