Jefferson Colbert bump!

On last night’s edition of The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert attempted to make sense of the proposed Six Californias plan put forth by Bay Area venture capitalist “and evil stepfather in a Lifetime movie” Tim Draper.

During the segment, Colbert described California’s northernmost chunk — the proposed State of Jefferson, which includes Humboldt, of course — as being, “famous for producing 60% of the nation’s marijuana and eating 60% percent of the nation’s leftover burritos.” (Kinda hacky, but sure.)

“I believe Jefferson’s state flag will be a magic eye poster,” Colbert goes on to suggest before displaying a prototype.

One frivolous quibble: After staring at his proposed magic eye Jefferson flag for a few seconds, Colbert declares the hidden image to be a bear. LoCO has included a screen shot of the flag above (click to enlarge). That doesn’t look like a bear to us, Stephen. LoCO wag of the finger for you, bucko.

Anywho, view the entire Colbert Report Six Californias segment below.