UPDATE 6/8: The kayak was recovered last night at 9 pm from a residential location in Loleta. It was found approximately 2 miles South of the opening of the mouth, very near to where the kayaker made it to land. Everything save a water bottle, a bandana and the rear hatch cover was recovered.


Original post:Have you seen this kayak?  The owner, according to the following Craigslist ad, lost it and almost lost her life. She wrote,

I’m lucky to be alive today!

I was flipped from my kayak about 1/2 mile outside the mouth of the Humboldt Bay entrance and was pulled out to sea for 3 hours before abandoning my 2/3 sunken boat and letting the incoming tide get me back to shore. No small feat! I’m battered, bruised and sunburned too…but I’m alive and I want to find my boat! PLEASE HELP!

It is a 14 1/2’ Necky TORNAK Kayak light grey in colour with a medium blue pin-striping around the body. It has a metal rudder and probably still has some stuff attached to it…possibly my paddle, which is blue with white paddles and a kayak skirt that is teal blue and purple. I just purchased the kayak on Craigslist a couple months ago and I’m offering a $200 reward to the person who finds it and does the right thing by reporting the find. The Coast Guard was informed yesterday, so please, if you find it contact me or the Coast Guard. I can be reached through email until next Tuesday, as I also lost my phone out there, but it should be replaced and working by Tuesday. Wind was pushing from the North, and I suspect it might have landed on Centerville Beach…who knows, could be in Shelter Cove. I will drive anywhere to get it.

Thank you so much for reading this. 

Many Blessings,


Hey, Heather, we’d love to hear more about what happened. Drop us a line at mskymkemp@gmail.com. In any case, good luck on finding that kayak and we’re glad you made it back!