Gather your earholes around the ol’ electronic hearth, kids, because it’s time to talk LoCO

Your Lost Coast Outpost was recently pleased to have a half-hour conversation with the good folks behind the It’s All Journalism podcast, a weekly conversation about the future of media out of Washington, D.C. Producers Megan Cloherty and Michael O’Connell chatted with me about Humboldt County, the origins and ethos of the Outpost, and where we hope to go in the future.

If you’re interested in the state of media in the 21st century, you should really go peruse the It’s All Journalism archives. They have interviews with all kinds of people — the founder of Lonely Planet, multimedia reporters, crossword puzzle-makers, cartoonists and the people behind several Outpost-like sites around the country

OK, on with the show!