The victim of last fall’s stabbing, Douglas Anderson-Jordet, and, Juan Ferrer (right) who pled guilty in February to aggravated involuntary manslaughter.

In a move likely to send waves crashing through Humboldt County’s already turbulent DA’s race, candidate Arnie Klein issued a press release late last night stating that family members of Douglas Anderson-Jordet, the victim in last fall’s fatal stabbing, have urged him to ask the court to set aside the defendants’ pleas.

Readers will remember that another DA candidate, Humboldt County prosecutor Elan Firpo, agreed to the plea deals, which were presented to the judge on February 13. The deal, which allowed defendant Juan Ferrer to plead to aggravated involuntary manslaughter, will result in two years served in county jail if accepted by the judge. (The other two defendants, Nicholas Stoiber and Sophia Rocheleau, will get probation.)

A third DA candidate, Allan Dollison, spoke out against the agreement last month, saying, “This was Murder and should NOT have been plead down to Involuntary Manslaughter.” (See full text of Dollison’s disagreement here.)

Firpo responded with a statement on her candidate Facebook page (it is no longer there but can be viewed here), arguing that because of the victim’s behavior on the night of his death and other factors, “In a best case jury trial scenario, Mr. Ferrer would have been found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. He would have been sentenced to a term of three years in prison (because he has no prior record), of which he would have served 85 percent, or approximately 2 years and 6 months.” 

The death of Anderson-Jordet occurred on November 25. He and the three defendants became involved in an altercation. Reportedly there was name-calling before Stoiber slung a punch, splitting the victim’s lip. Ferrer then allegedly stabbed the victim and the three defendants left the scene while the victim was still speaking. The defendants said they didn’t know that Anderson-Jordet was badly injured when they departed. The victim was later found by others and died en route to the hospital.

The case and the plea deal may have repercussions in the coming election.

Arnie Klein Press Release:

Arnie Klein has been contacted by family members of Douglas Anderson-Jordet to ask the court to set aside the defendant Juan Ferrer’s plea at the time of sentencing, April 3rd. I have been informed that the family members will start sending in letters to the probation department, the DA’s office, the defense attorneys and the court to effectuate this result.