(Skip reading everything below and vote for a local company to win some award by clicking here.)

As we’ve specified numerous times before, your Lost Coast Outpost is easily swayed by “click us to victory” pleas from local folks. If you bleed Humboldt and you or your cause are in the running for some random national award or recognition or whatever, and all the LoCO army has to do is make a few clicks to propel you to glory, sure, we’ll shamelessly hype that.

Enter ‘Ohana Organics, a local handcrafted, organic skincare operation boasting products made with ingredients grown in owner Tara Cooper’s Bayside backyard. That sounds super local, right? Among other things, apparently they make tattoo butter and while we don’t know what that is, it was made in Humboldt dammit. So we love it.

Anywho, ‘Ohana has been nominated for a something called a NEXTY award which are given to companies that embody not only the most innovative edge of the natural products industry, but also its deeply held social and environmental values.” Whatever. They’re from Humboldt. That’s whats important. 

Here’s the other important thing: voting ends today. As of this writing, ‘Ohana holds the slimmest of leads over Flaska, a despicable reusable glass water bottle company well-known for not being from Humboldt. Booooo, we say. 

Let’s put our local people over the top! Click here, find ‘Ohana under the Beauty and Natural Living banner, click that box and feel good for several minutes thereafter.