Above: Mr. Riptide is victorious.

Last night, Humboldt crowned the individual that will lead it spiritually for the next calendar year. In front of a uproarious sold out crowd at the Arcata Theater Lounge, John McClurg AKA Mr. Riptide strutted just a bit harder than his 11 worthy competitors to be named the second ever Mr. Humboldt.

UPDATE: Below, KMUD’s Eric Black files an audio report on the night’s highs and lows.

Long live Mr. Riptide.

Your 2014 Mr. Humboldt Pageant contestants. 

Co-host Johanna Nagan

Co-host Andrew Goff interviews pageant judge Alex Stillman

Mr. Gamer King comforted in defeat

Dr. Foxmeat AKA Mr. Wizard conjures up an answer during Q&A

Max Roecklin AKA Mr. River lounges during the swimwear competition

Future T Edwards AKA Mr. Dream Builder gets down.

Above and below: Underwear-blindfolded blunt rolling competition

Pageant chanteuse Erin Harris

Gregg Foster got on stage somehow


Tony Villareal AKA Mr. Turdknuckles, the epitome of Eureka style

Mystery contestent Brad Pitt AKA Mr. Brad Pitt was a no show

Above and below: Second runner up Ratty Matty AKA Mr. Deeply Rooted rapped his love for HumCo

Above and below: Long live…