Friends, the Outpost is getting ready to kick it into a slower gear for a couple of days (hopefully). It will soon be Thanksgiving.

The day after Thanksgiving is what is known as “Black Friday” — probably the most single deadly shopping day of the entire year. Why is it so murderous? Because evil big box chains offer stupid products at stupider prices at the stupidest hour of the morning, all to stuff too many of us into their soulless emporia and thence to our final fates.

There is a better way. You can buy actually good presents for your loved ones this year — cool presents, beautiful presents, meaningful presents — by shopping with local merchants, whose stores are filled with cool and beautiful and meaningful stuff.

And a great place to start browsing is your Lost Coast Outpost’s Holiday Shopping Guide! What you have on there are 100 or so (and counting) neat gift ideas from true blue Humboldt retailers and service providers.

Check it out now…

The LoCO Holiday Shopping Guide!

… and check back later too, because we’ll keep putting new stuff there right on up ‘til Dec. 25.

Have a nice Thanksgiving, everyone!