UPDATE 10:10 p.m.:

The paraglider not long before he went down. [See more of Hadyn Verboon-best’s photography here. Click on this photo to enlarge.]


According to Samoa Fire Chief Dale Unea, a powered paraglider had landed in the Samoa area near the Coast Guard Station when the arced “wing” or kite blew away. It flew into a nearby electric line shorting out power for the Coast Guard Station.

Previously, witnesses reported that two large paragliders been flying low. Apparently, they both landed and were attempting takeoff again when, as one flyer was attempting to start the large fan that powers the paraglider, the sail escaped and shorted out power to the area. Samoa Fire Department responded. The roads were closed and PG&E had to be called to restore electricity. However, there were no injuries.

Past the fire engine, a paraglider “wing” is caught on electrical wire. [Photo provided by Samoa Fire Chief Dale Unea.]