Six Rivers Forest Service press release:

Yesterday’s coastal thundershowers provided little relief to the parched, higher elevations of the Six Rivers National Forest. While some coastal areas received nearly a third of an inch of rain, the forest’s Orleans Ranger District received only .01 inches, as well as the forest’s sole lightning strike.

The Strike Fire, estimated at less than one acre as of noon today, was likely started by that lightning strike in the Brushy Gulch drainage northeast of Louse Camp. The fire is burning in timber near the bottom of the drainage.

Due to difficult access into the area and steep terrain, fire managers are utilizing aerial resources—air tankers and helicopters—to minimize the fire’s spread and mitigate any risks to firefighters. “Keeping our folks safe is always our top priority on any incident,” said Mike Minton, interagency fire chief for the forest and Redwood National Park.

The following resources are either on-site or have been ordered:

Air attack/lead plane: 1

Air tankers: 3

Helicopters: 4

Smokejumpers: 4 with 8 more on order