“[California’s second congressional district] is home to the largest marijuana farming region in the United States. The so-called Emerald Triangle earns a billion dollars every year, although most of the profit is spent on the orange triangle.” —Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report, Sept. 24, 2014

And that, shockingly and refreshingly, was the only cheesy weed joke during the seven-and-a-half minute Better Know a District segment on Tuesday night’s episode of The Colbert Report. Ahhh. Thank you, Stephen.

We’ve known since May that the Humboldt County-containing second congressional district — the fightin’ second! — was on a collision course with Colbert’s scrutiny. In the end, far less time was devoted to ganja yuks than was to Star Wars discussion, due to George Lucus’ Skywalker Ranch existing within our district’s borders. We’ll take it. 

Of course, the centerpiece of every edition of BKaD is an interview with that district’s congressman. How did our man Jared Huffman fare when pitted against Colbert’s intimidating lightning wit and team of creative video editors? Well … eh … the exchange got off to a rough start for our boy after Huffman, attempting to engage in a bit of PR, claimed that his district contained the oldest trees in the world. 

“You guys have the bristlecone pines?” Colbert shot back, sensing blood in the water. “Did I catch you in a lie?”

After some verbal jockeying, fact checkers confirmed that bristlecones and not redwoods are, in fact, the world’s oldest trees prompting the following back-and-forth:

SC: You say you’ve never lost a trial?
JH: Correct.
SC: Or an election?
JH: So far.
SC: Have you ever lost in an interview, sir?
JH: Uh, I may lose one yet. We’ll see.
SC: Brace yourself. 

See how well your congressman fared during the rest of his grilling in the clip below, then take a minute to envision what this interview might have looked like if Andy Caffrey had won the election. (Oh, man.)