Just because summer has given way to fall, doesn’t mean the white, hot passion Humboldters feel for one another has cooled. No, madam. Love will keep us warm. 

Yes, it’s time for another edition of LoCO‘s mind-bogglingly popular HITCHED! Scroll this week’s list of crazy kids who just couldn’t wait any longer. After you get to know the happy couples and decide which nuptials you’ll be attending, be sure to note this week’s official HITCHED wedding song below. Then, please enforce its inclusion in these couple’s ceremonies: 

  • Joylin R. Carrigan and Clayton H. Templar III
  • Ursula M. Ferguson and Aaron E. Sandifer
  • Alyssa A. Hawkins and Joshua A. Jorgensen
  • Micheal J. Derry and Nancy L. Harding
  • Lucaus A. Patton and Imari J. Imson
  • Amy C. Hundley and Willem C. Bouterse
  • Jennifer A. Aukerman and Nicholas M. Dearden
  • Sarah L. Raleigh-Halsing and John H. Dick, Jr.
  • Michael A. Abshire and Tammi M. Whitespeare
  • Robert J. Reeves and Telera S. Springfields
  • Robert D. Hilderbrand III and Eva S. Markowitz
  • Lowell E. Schmidt III and Katey A. Carpenter
  • Bert P. Bartlett and Sarah B. Johnson
  • Jessica J. Buchholz and Jordan X. Keller