Yes, your Lost Coast Outpost was among those Eurekans who heard the series of giant explosions that set off car alarms around the city a few minutes ago. We turned on the scanner — nothing, so far as we can tell. Perhaps Eureka emergency services have become as inured to the mystery explosions, as everyone else has.

Still: Everyone loves talking about the booms. Roll call!

SUSAN PITLOCK, via Facebook: “what are those loud explosions going off downtown Eureka? 4 so far…”

JACKI GARDENHIRE, likewise: “I can see them out over the bay. Bright flash and then big boom.”

SUSAN PITLOCK: “oh celebrating 4/20? LOL”


SHELBY WILLIAMS: “Keep hearing a whole lot of booms tonight what’s going on”

### UPDATE! BOBBI WESTMAN: “I live on union near Hawthorne. Big booms.Cops were a block away …now have dispersed.” ###

That is more than the requisite two reports, even if you’re not counting the LoCO’s own addled ears. As always, Shelby, the best guess seems to be “industrial-grade fireworks,” but we may never know for sure. And at this point, wouldn’t you be a little bit sad to see them go away?

Fire away with your boom reports and/or wild-ass speculation below.