FROM: Ron Griffith
TO: Hank Sims
SUBJECT: (UPDATED) Bike-Thru Thief Snatches Dutch Bros. Tip Jar, Gets Caught, Gets Released

Hello Mr. Sims,

I hope you’re well today.

My name is Ron Griffith and I work in partner with Dutch Bros Coffee. I’m reaching out to you this afternoon about one of your site pages that mentions the brand, located here:

Regarding the above page, would you be willing to include a link to the Dutch Bros website as an additional resource for your readers? I know certain editors and authors maintain different policies regarding these types of requests, but I thought I’d try to get your opinion on the matter.

Either way, thank you for your consideration and the positive press.

Dutch Bros Website:


Ron Griffith
SEO Analyst
ZOG Digital, Inc.

[Editor’s Note: Gratuitous linkage graciously added by LoCO.]