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The first-ever Humboldt Bay Marathon and its associated races (half-marathon, mile) are getting underway right now, so there is a decent chance you’re waking up to see your street barricaded. Fear not. Pretty soon, people in funny clothes will be jogging past your home with numbers pinned to their chests.

Traffic is going to be a little bit wonky today. Old Arcata Road and Highway 255, along with many surface streets in Eureka and Arcata, are going to be closed for a bit. Plan accordingly. Maybe you want take a field trip to watch the runners do their thing. The schedules for each race are linked above.

Full list of road closures from marathon organizers below:

Highway CA 255 (Samoa Bridge)

  • The southbound lane from Arcata to Eureka will be closed starting by 8 AM. Detour north on CA 255 and use US 101 south to Eureka. Reopening will start before 2:30 PM


The following closures will begin by 6 AM and will be reopened by 9 AM:

  • F Street between 6th Street and Hodgson. Please use E Street or H & I Streets. Cross at 4th Street or 5th Street
  • Hodgson between F Street and W Street. Cross traffic allowed at H Street and W Street
  • Chester Street between W Street and Harrison. Cross traffic allowed at W Street
  • Harrison between Wilson and Chester. Detour via W Street.
  • Wilson between Harrison and Walford
  • Walford between Wilson and Harris
  • Harris and Hall between Hubbard and Myrtle Avenue will be closed to through traffic. Detour via Hubbard
  • Old Arcata Road and Myrtle Avenue between Buttermilk Ln in Sunny Brae and Hall Ave in Eureka
  • The southbound lane continuing west into Eureka will be closed before 7 AM and will be reopened no later than
  • 11 AM. Southern sections will be reopened first as the last runner passes. The northbound lane will remain
  • open. The detour is to go north and use US 101 South to Eureka. Cross traffic will be allowed at Indianola
  • Cutoff and Bayside Cutoff.

Old Town Eureka

The following roads will be closed between 8 AM and 2:30 PM

  • 3rd Street between Q and R Streets
  • Q Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets
  • 2nd Street north of P and Q Streets
  • 2nd Street between M and F Streets F Street from 2nd Street north to the Eureka Boardwalk
  • Traffic will be allowed to cross 2nd Street at L Street

Sunny Brae and Arcata

The following closures will begin before 8 AM and will be reopened by 11:30 

  • Bayside Road between Union and Buttermilk: Southbound lane will be closed. 7th Street between G and Union: Eastbound lane will be closed. Cross traffic allowed at Union and F St.
  • 10th Street between G and Q will be closed. Please use 11th Street. Cross traffic allowed at H St. and K St.
  • Q Street between 10th and 17th will be closed. Cross traffic allowed at 11th St.

Arcata Bottoms

  • Foster, Seidel and Jackson Ranch Road will be closed between 8 AM and 1 PM