Escape is never the safest path, oh, but if you plan on slipping past the Redwood Curtain in the next few days and especially if your travels take you east over either Highways 299 or 36 be aware that you may encounter snowy road conditions. Take it away, US National Weather Service Eureka California Facebook page admin!: 

Snow is expected today across interior Northwest California. 2 to 7 inches of total accumulation between 3000 and 4500 feet will be possible with higher amounts above 4500 feet. Light snow accumulations will be possible to elevations as low as 2000 feet, particularly in Trinity and northeastern Mendocino counties. 

Thanks! Now, Internet-savvy LoCO regulars will undoubtedly know the various tools at their disposal for checking road conditions, but if this is your first winter hooked up to the tubes here’s a quick list:

  • Caltrans Quick Map: Realtime updates on highway closures, delays and other horrors. 
  • LoCO CAMMED: Countywide webcams (often pointed at roadways!). Less useful at night!
  • LoCO CHP Watch: Cars will occasionally run into each other or into other things. CHP provides us with decipherable info when this occurs.

Bookmark those, maybe. 

(Above: Examples of CAMMED being useful, perhaps, three years ago.)