Lovers of all things epic gathered at the Humboldt Bay Harbor entrance yesterday to watch swells upwards of 30-feet slowly pummel our jetties. Local videographer Mike Kelly chronicled the swellness while safely perched on a nearby dune, but some life experiencers, as shown in the video below, needed a closer look and ventured inadvisably close to the show.

“There were plenty of warnings in the media, and signs on the beach, so the knuckleheads had no excuse,” Kelly writes on YouTube. “I think they all survived.”

The Eureka branch of the National Weather Service warns all potential knuckleheads that the ocean will again be large and angry with surf heights between 25 and 30 feet through Friday. From their Facebook page:

“With these conditions in place, people should stay off rocks and jetties as large waves will crash over coastal features that may not normally get wet during smaller wave conditions. Don’t let the ocean fool you! Large waves can catch you off guard if you get to close to the water’s edge, and as always, never turn your back to the ocean!”

In short, don’t be dumb.