This landslide could send a “significant” amount of sewage into the Eel River. [Photo provided by Redway CSD]

Redway Community Service District press release:

Attention Redway Water and Waste-water Users:

WE are currently facing the possibility of a significant spill of sewage into the Eel River as the result of a landslide where the RCSD sewer main crosses the river to the waste treatment plant.  

We have assembled the necessary resources to address the problem and will begin work Wednesday the 11th at 8 am.  Nevertheless there is the possibility that the sewer main could fail during the stream-bank repairs necessary to stabilize the pipe.

Please conserve water and minimize your use of Redway waste-water service while repairs are being made.  Your conservation effort will help to minimize spillage to the river in the event of a break in the sewer main.

IF there is a major break in the line RCSD will be forced to shut down water delivery to all of Redway.  Please set aside enough water for a day of personal use in the event of a failure.  Be prepared for this situation to continue through the weekend.

Your cooperation at this time is much appreciated,

Many thanks,

RCSD Board and Staff

If you need additional information call: RCSD Office