Just in time for Valentine’s Day come two new products—-one aimed at marijuana smokers and the other aimed at marijuana growers.

From a Humboldt garden comes SexxPot, “flowers she really wants.” This sensuously marketed cannabis product comes with its own website and hot ad copy.

Turn down the volume… Dial up the heat…Sexxpot’s embrace is smooth, sweet and mild. You’ll be swept off your feet, melting in its arms.

The press release purrs, “While men have many pharmaceutical choices for libido, women’s needs are often ignored. Healthy relaxation that stimulates libido and pleasure is the effect of Sexxpot.”

Karyn Wagner, director of marketing and based in Southern Humboldt, assured the Outpost, “Like everything we grow and process, Sexxpot is absolutely authentic Humboldt.” Also, she says, the “project was grown by a woman.”

The press release asserts,

Sexxpot, like all medical cannabis from Paradigm Cannabis Group, is sungrown by small medical cannabis family farmers who use rigorous natural methods and adhere to strict environmentally friendly conditions. To assure a high quality natural cannabis in the Humboldt tradition, all of the farmers grow product  that is free of pesticides and rodenticides. All growers practice sustainable water usage.

There you go, guys. Locally grown, environmentally friendly green flowers instead of long stemmed roses just might be the answer to both you and your girls’ Valentine’s needs.


And, for those of you wondering what the heck was up with those Sexing Made Simple billboards springing up around Humboldt, Steep Hill Labs is releasing a new product. They say it allows you to sex your plants (an important step in producing the seed free marijuana Humboldt County is known for) in two weeks— “from seed to sex in < 14 days.” To be more precise, actually, it allows Steep Hill to sex your plants after you collect plant samples and send them in to the lab.

This claim, if true, could change marijuana growing. Growers could save money and time. A press release claims, the test

…works by analyzing genetic information early in the cannabis growth cycle, enabling the removal of unwanted plants from the garden, lowering plant counts, and saving precious resources and cultivation space. 

“This revolutionary test, built in modular format, utilizes DNA based diagnostics to very accurately determine the sex of a specific cannabis plant, all of which is made possible by our new long read sequencer,” said Reggie Gaudino, Phd, Director of Intellectual Property & Genetic Analysis at Steep Hill. …The identification of undesirable plants, in this case the male plants, at such an early stage in the growth cycle, enables the back-filling of spots in the production room or field at an early-enough point in time so as to allow all of the plants to reach maturity at about the same time. 

Lowering plant counts is certainly a cannabis specific problem!

Now it remains to be seen how much the product will cost the consumer before we know how much Steep Hill Labs loves growers. 

And this has been your Valentine’s Day/cannabis update…. Please tune in to the Lost Coast Outpost for more eye opening moments in marijuana history.