Photos courtesy Emily Jacobs

UPDATE, Friday: And they’re back!

LoCO readers concerned with the impending Jade Helm invasion call in to inquire why the Apaches are back! Well, airport ace Emily Jacobs confirms that the Apaches have made their way back south from wherever and are refueling at ACV.

That’s all they are doing. Calm now.



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Original Post:

Photos courtesy Sarah Dodier

This morning numerous LoCO readers demanded we find out why a reenactment of the famous scene from Apocalypse Now was being performed in Humboldt airspace. Attached are some photos of the intimidating whirlybirds snapped in the Dinsmore are. Seemed logical that it could have been related to fires to the east, but, of course, this could also finally be the beginning of much-anticipated and predicted martial law.

Neither is the case says Emily Jacobs, Humboldt County Aviation Division program coordinator. “Military Apaches. They didn’t stop, they were headed north,” she replied to our frenzied request for answers. 

No freak out required.