Kym Kemp has decided to end her tenure writing for your Lost Coast Outpost. Needless to say, the rest of us here are all pretty bummed about it, but Kym feels that LoCO is no longer a good fit for her and we have to respect that. 

We all appreciate you, Kym. Thanks for working with us.

Though LoCO will obviously continue to cover all the topics that Kym wrote about, she cannot be replaced. Over the last three years she has logged countless hours, day and night, chasing down breaking details on everything from marijuana grow raids to school closures. In the dark ages before Thunderdome and Country Club divisions, no one was more of a mother to LoCO’s wild west comment section, a gathering of ragamuffins Kym spent much more time policing than she probably enjoyed. She was dogged in her pursuit of details about disappeared triple homicide suspect Shane Miller. And remember that time Kym coaxed selfies out of another wanted homicide suspect on the lam? 

Vintage Kym.

Kym fans should not don black garments just yet. She still plans to be a presence over at her resurrected Redheaded Blackbelt blog. She told us she’s not yet sure what her focus will be, but we would not be surprised if marijuana and other SoHum issues factor in. 

While LoCO mourns the loss of one of its own, we also have to look to the future. Thus, if you’ve ever wanted to work with us, now might be the time to reach out. We’re not sure at this time when we will be hiring someone else, but “pretty soon” sounds about appropriate. So this is not an official announcement of a position, but send us a note so you’re on our brains. We are fun people to work with and Humboldt seems to think we’re OK (37,135 Facebook fans can’t be wrong!).

Again, a big thanks to you, Kym. You made LoCO sweet.