Today your Lost Coast Outpost, in conjunction with LoCO Labs, launches its latest little enjoyable online distraction …

#HumboldtCounty! Hooray!

Wait. What? On any given Humboldt day, there are innumerable picturesque locations, scenes and activities worth documenting around our beautiful homeland. So let’s get at least a few of those in one spot for us all to gawk at, yeah? OK! Utilizing the API of 2011’s hottest app Instagram, LoCO will now suck up any local picture with #humboldtcounty in its description/comments, with the most recent photo getting featured on our homepage. Updates occur every minute or so. (Note: Hashtagging an old photo won’t work. We noticed people doing that. No. Needs to be a new one.)

Yes, this means you can put any image on LoCO’s homepage at your whim. We are that foolish.


LoCO knows what you are wondering: “That all sounds boss, but wouldn’t this exercise be way more fun if there were some pointless competitive aspect to it?”

Way ahead of you, bud. LoCO readers will have the opportunity to vote on each day’s batch of photos. At 9 p.m. each day, the photo with the most votes will be declared the winner. To start out, while we play with this, you win glory. Later you might win stuff.

There are rules LoCO will make up as we go. We reserve the right to dismiss a photo from the #HumboldtCounty page if:

  • It is a really bad and/or boring photo.
  • It’s overly promotion-y.
  • It’s your third or fourth entry of the day. (Share the pixels).
  • It’s borderline porn. (There are many other sites, kids.)
  • It is somehow racist. (How do you take a racist picture? LoCO readers will find a way.)
  • It chronicles some crime you’re committing. (Actually, we’d probably leave that, dumdum.)
  • It clearly has nothing to do with Humboldt. (Look! Mount Rushmore! #humboldtcounty)
  • It bums us out in some way we haven’t thought of yet.

In addition to banning individual photos, we will also have no problem blocking users who can’t just enjoy this thing in a (LoCO-defined) responsible way. Humboldt is beautiful and wondrous. Please let Humboldt stay beautiful and wondrous. We’re not saying you can’t post pics that shed light on some less than glamorous aspect of living here, just, gah, #BeDecent.

It is also possible for photos to be voted off of #HumboldtCounty. Here’s the complicated, arbitrary formula LoCO agreed on:

  • If you have 10 or more likes, you’re safe.
  • If you 7 or fewer dislikes, you’re safe.
  • If you pass 7 dislikes, you’ve entered the danger zone and must maintain a higher than 30% like to total votes ratio moving forward or you’re toast. LoCO readers are known for their refined taste. Posters beware.

“OK, LoCO. You’ve lectured me enough. What can I take pictures of?”

Oh, man. So much:

  • Natural landscapes!
  • Local architecture and art!
  • Sure, sunrise/sunsets!
  • My dog/cat/baby is cute! (Careful with this one.)
  • You and your friends doing Humboldt-y things!
  • Look where I’m eating!
  • I’m at this concert!
  • My grow op is very responsible!

Yay, Humboldt County. Yay, #HumboldtCounty. Now go take some pictures of your top notch home. Be amazing.