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According to a press release from Access Humboldt, the squelchy sound of a dial-up modem will continue its death march into the Library of Extinct Sounds. 

Via Access Humboldt: 

According to their Community Services District website (, “Orick is located in Humboldt County, CA approximately 45 miles north of Eureka. Orick is a rural town whose population of 352 is surrounded by Redwood National and State Parks and private forests. Redwood Creek meanders through town and the agricultural lands, flowing into the Pacific Ocean.

Orick has ocean, mountains and spectacular Redwood forests with amazing natural beauty in every direction, but what Orick didn’t have until today is internet access faster than dial-up.

Today (May 14, 2015) Eureka based wireless internet service provider Tsunami Wireless ( launched a new service that is now available for businesses and residents throughout the town.

Ron Barlow, Chairman of the Orick Community Services District said, “we’re really happy to have a new service that makes fast internet available to our community.” Last night the District Board heard an update on the pending sale of the landline telephone system in Orick. Verizon currently owns the local exchange phone system and is seeking California Public Utilities Commission approval to sell their wireline systems statewide to Frontier Communications.

Access Humboldt’s executive director Sean McLaughlin said, “we advocate for universal access to open internet and prefer to have local ownership of local infrastructure - so this new development by a local wireless internet service provider Tsunami Wireless is great news!”

Todd Williams, owner/operator of Tsunami Wireless said, “we are pleased to make service available to the community - thanks to our partner 101 Netlink and especially Green Diamond Resource Company for their support to make it possible.” 

Potential subscribers to the service can find more information online at the company’s website: or by calling their service at: 530-324-2322


In other Orick news, this exists.