MTJP | Redwood from More Than Just Parks on Vimeo.

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed and stressed out by news of fires and crime and homelessness, or, hell, by the day-to-day drudgery of just livin’, we feel you. And the antidote, as most locals know, is to get yourself to the redwoods and breathe deep. Take a walk. Enjoy the natural beauty. Works wonders.

No time, you say? Well, in a pinch you can bookmark the video above, produced by brothers Will and Jim Pattiz, and zen out for three minutes and 48 seconds. Filmed entirely in Redwood State and National Parks, the video is part of an ambitious project by the brothers Pattiz, who aim to “produce captivating short films” in all 59 of our great nation’s national parks for a series called “More Than Just Parks.”

“Redwood” is just the fourth installment in the series, following short films on Olympic, Smoky Mountains and Joshua Tree national parks. Local park stars featured in the video include a banana slug speed-sliming across some leaves, a Pacific giant salamander chillin’ on some redwood bark, a Roosevelt Elk munching some tender foliage and, of course, the towering Sequoia sempervirens themselves, stretching serenely skyward while the sun and stars time-lapse glide overhead.

The brothers describe themselves as media professionals, and they’re collecting donations on their website. They say 100 percent of the donated money will go toward making more short films like this one.