The Outpost has requested an interview with Eureka City Councilmember-elect (or “-appoint”?) Heidi Messner, and we emailed her a brief list of questions about her background, her opinions on recent city actions and her priorities for Eureka. She responded with the press release below. We’re still hoping to line up an interview.


I am honored and humbled to represent our community as a city councilwoman. I look forward to being able to focus my attention on getting to know every side of the issues and understanding how best to address them. Leadership, integrity, and compassionate action are not only things I value, they are what I have pursued in every area of my life. These are the things that drove my decision in seeking to run for the city council position and I believe will greater strengthen the solid team that is already in place.

I am a native Californian and was born in Sacramento in 1968. I have lived most of my life on the west coast yet have traveled the world. In March of 2010 we made Eureka our home and have fallen in love with the people and the natural beauty of Humboldt County. I love the outdoors and I love people. It is my education and my experience in leadership, psychology, and teaching influence my decisions. I have worked with people from nearly every walk of life and have served and partnered in many of the efforts designed to bring holistic transformation to this city and its citizens.

I have been married to my best friend for 26 years and we have two grown children who both live in the Seattle area. It is through my leadership, integrity, and compassionate action I will continue serving the city of Eureka in this new position.