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The Local Beer Bar on F Street in Eureka has served more than 2,000 varieties of craft beer over the past five years, and had a remarkable run. But now it’s set to say a final farewell this New Year’s Eve. However, it’s for good reason. In this LoCO Video Report we sit down with the ambitious owners and they explain. (Bonus: There’s a really cute baby.)

The Local Beer Bar was born out of Darren Cartledge’s passion for craft beer and after he noticed Humboldt didn’t have a lot of of variety other than the local breweries. So once the beer bar opened it showcased all sorts of beer from Belgians and lambics, to stouts and porters, with a goal to hit everyone’s palate.

But in the midst of the booming beer bar, Darren and his wife Michelle found a new love of making cider. They teamed up with Humboldt Beer Works owner Jamie Ashdon and started Humboldt Cider Company located at Redwood Acres.

“It’s been a whirlwind. We started it as a side project trying to fill that market and since then it’s been insane at how fast and much it’s grown since we’ve opened,” said Mrs. Cartledge.

Currently the cider company has more than 50 accounts in Humboldt alone and their tasting room is always packed. However it’s only open three days a week since the location also serves as the production facility. So they’ve made the decision to turn the beer bar into the cider company’s second tasting room, which will be open seven days a week.

“It was my first real business,” said Cartledge. “So it’s sad to send that off but I’m looking for something new and I’ve been making cider for three years with the cider company and I love and enjoy that.”