The National Weather Service in Eureka is putting out word that today is a high-risk sneaker wave day. You know what that means by now, right? You stay off the jetties. You keep your distance from the water. You never turn your back on the ocean.

You know these things, and yet every goddamn time you knuckleheads go out there to tempt fate. Will today be the day that fate finds you too tempting? 

Just don’t.


UPDATE: We had originally posted a video of a Coos Bay-area sneaker wave here. But Facebook reader Douglas Kaber points us to this absolutely terrifying video of a sneaker wave attack on the Breton Coast of France just this last Monday.

Since the outcome is unclear, just by watching the video, we will note that the description on YouTube says “ils ont été sauvés.” Your Lost Coast Outpost’s terrible French is just competent enough to decipher that the people survived. Surprisingly enough.