It’s Sunday, which means most of you are lounging and soaking up what precious weekend moments you have left. Not LoCO. We remain ever-vigilant to bring you ‘round-the-clock gold. 

This day, Sunday, means NFL playoffs. But LoCO readers demand something fresh, something new. That’s why we bring you a sport that combines the physicality of warehouse shopping with the finesse of miniature golf. 

Shopping cart putting: The game of titans. The sport gained international attention after Humboldt local Texas Green, son of renown musician Eldin Green, invented the game in the Eureka WinCo parking lot.

That’s right, Eureka is the birthplace of shopping cart putting. Suck on that Cooperstown! 

Footage of the historic moment was uploaded to YouTube and quickly went viral on Reddit, a popular online bulletin board.

“My favorite part about grocery shopping is the end,” Green said in the video description.

Now here’s that same putt with the appropriate call: