Image: Wikimedia.

This morning the Redway Community Services District issued a warning to its water customers: Please boil your drinking water until further notice!

The CSD’s general manager, John Rogers, tells the Outpost that the advisory went out after staff noticed some of the South Fork’s recent turbidity made it past at least a stage or two of the district’s filtration process. It’s not clear whether or not any of the untreated water made it up into the tank, but the district is proceeding with an abundance of caution.

“We’re talking about a little bit of river water,” Rogers said. “We’re not talking about anything specific — there’s just a little bit of river water that got through.”

Staff have since repaired the system and are pumping thoroughly treated water. “It shouldn’t be a serious, ongoing problem,” Rogers said.

But for now: If you get your water from the Redway Community Services District, boil before drinking.