Arcata’s crosswalks will henceforth be much more congested. You know what time it is! Today is the first day of classes up at ye olde Humboldt State University. For better or worse (depending who you ask), Arcata is bustling again! Let LoCO be the first (or tenth) local organization to say welcome back, young minds!

Now, because we know student life can often mean scraping by, let LoCO show you, below, a great deal they have going on in the HSU bookstore today.

Behold, note takers! The bookstore at your institution of higher learning has marked three-subject, 120-sheet notebooks with the misspelled word “Humbolt” emblazoned across the cover down 50 percent! (The missing “D” stands for “D’oh!”.) This is great news for you! Hustle on down there because these will disappear faster than fresh out of the oven raised glazes at On’s Onuts.

But c’mon, HSU bookstore. With faculty salaries being what they are, could you have not seized on this opportunity to turn a negative into a positive? We took a quick poll here at LoCOHQ and the consensus is these notebooks are collectors’ items! We would have paid two, maybe even three times as much to own this piece of history!

Maybe cash in on the water bottles (below).

Photos: Melody Collver