The Eureka Police Department would prefer you don’t become roadkill while you’re trying to catch your next Eevee and have provided the community with the above video and below tips to increase your Pokésafety:

Above: EPD Captain Steve Watson pretends to be interested in Pokemon

Pokemon GO is “location-based augmented reality game” designed for mobile devices. Players use their device’s camera and GPS to fight, capture, and train virtual creatures (“”Pokemon”) superimposed on their devices’ screens in real world locations. Pokemon GO interactively melds the real world with the virtual world of Pokemon.

The game encourages players to “Get up, Get out and Explore!” while capturing as many Pokemon as they can. But while trying to “catch them all,” players also should remember to stay safe and be respectful of those in the real world.

The following are some safety tips and rules of etiquette Pokemon GO players should follow:

  • Be respectful of others while you are playing. Avoid hunting Pokemon at hallowed places like memorials and cemeteries, and do not trespass on private property. Be careful not to disrupt businesses or impede traffic.
  • Avoid sensitive locations, such as airports and power plants, where your presence may appear suspicious to authorities.
  • Do NOT play Pokemon GO while driving. Distracted driving kills! Also, using handheld electronic wireless communication devices/cell phones while driving is illegal in California.
  • Pay attention to your environment at all times. Don’t wander into traffic or crash into objects like light poles while pursuing Pokemon. (Two men recently fell from a cliff in San Diego County while they were distracted playing Pokemon GO.)
  • Avoid potentially dangerous locations and situations. Make sure people can see you at night by carrying a flashlight light or wearing bright/reflective clothing. Be aware of strangers and don’t become a victim. It’s best to bring a friend along with you. (Missouri police reported armed robbers used Pokemon GO to lure victims to a location.)