At least until Last Chance Grade slips into the mighty Pacific, Highway 101 provides many summer roadtrippers an ideal route to the big ass trees their eyes and souls crave. What’s even more exciting to some is sometimes those nature-seekers happen to be very famous people. 

Dungy guided the Colts to a Super Bowl win in 2007. Oh yeah! | Image: Wikipedia

The current example of this phenomena: Which former Indianapolis Colts head coach and 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee is currently piloting an RV full of youngins through Redwood National Park and also allowed himself to be seduced by Trees of Mystery’s giant Paul Bunyan? That’s right! Tony Dungy is currently tweetin’ up his Pacific Northwest vacation for the benefit and enjoyment of his 659k Twitter followers. 

“RVing on the Pacific Coast Highway heading to Redwood National Park. Some great views of God’s creation,” reads one post. It’s true, Tony! It is very pretty here!

Wanna hit the road with a legendary NFL coach? Dungy invites you to follow his progress in the collected tweets below: 

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