Press release from the City of Eureka:

The City of Eureka has designated three sleeping areas in the City that will be used on a rotating basis through August 25, 2016. The areas currently identified are the parking lots on Koster Street and the foot of West Del Norte Street. The newly designated third site is a city owned lot on Marina Way. 

The following schedule has been developed to provide notice about the use and times of these areas. 

All of these areas will be monitored continuously and this schedule is subject to change. Individuals sleeping in these designated sites must follow established and posted rules. One tote per person is available for storage of personal property. Anyone failing to comply will be asked to leave the designated area and may be cited or arrested.

The City Council has designated these areas to allow individuals who continue to refuse services and lodging that have been offered to them through the Betty Kwan Chinn Foundation, the Eureka Rescue Mission and County of Humboldt Health and Human Services a place to sleep. City Manager Greg Sparks stated “the City of Eureka recognizes that the rotating sleeping areas are not part of the solution to end homelessness, but rather a means of providing a legal place to sleep so that individuals can be directed away from greenbelts, parks, and other inappropriate camping locations.”