An MC-130P Combat Shadow takes off from Kadena Air Base, Japan, on a humanitarian effort in the wake of the Tsunami that struck South East Asia on December 26, 2004. Photo: Wikimedia.


McKinleyville will soon be buzzed by a big weird prop plane. It’ll circle the town a few times, touch down at the airport, then head back home to Moffett Field.

What plane is that? It’s a MC-130P “Combat Shadow,” a search-and-rescue plane that can double as an airborne fuel tanker. It’s up here to take advantage of the nice weather by running some drills at our airport.

Emily Jacobs, airport program director for Humboldt County’s Aviation Division, texts us a little bit more about this somewhat odd-looking craft and what it’s up to:

Military is flying in from Moffett Field around 11:30 in a MC-130P Combat Shadow to practice pattern work (path followed by aircraft when taking off or landing while maintaining visual contact with the airfield).

Will probably practice touch and goes for about an hour.