What a scamp!

Well, here we are, friends! It’s one of those days in history when lots of big important things change, maybe forever. Before the day is out, we could have legal weed and an orange president! Or still-illegal weed and less orange president! Or legal weed, female president and ban on carry-out plastic bags. Or illegal weed, legal plastic bags, Eureka true ward system, the end of the death penalty in California, a dangerous and mentally unstable president who may well provoke the most serious constitutional crisis since the Civil War and a new office in Humboldt County government that merges the positions of the Humboldt County Treasurer-Tax Collector and the Auditor-Controller!

So many things can happen!

You want to be part of this!

Do you still not know where your polling place is? Here, just Google “my polling place.” Some kind of SNAFU that only Humboldt County election officials can help you with? Here’s their contact information. They’re kind and helpful and patient people. Something weird happening at your polling place? Tell the county election office and tell LoCO.

We’re going to be up all night, of course, liveblogging the heck out of the local, state and maybe even some of the national elections! The party will start pretty early. Send us interesting stuff that you see from around the web, and we’ll try to collate the most interesting of the interesting.

Things will pick up around the afternoon/evening, we’re sure. As usual, the LoCOBot will post up new results from Humboldt County as they come in, in a more user-friendly format than the Elections Office will give you. We’ll follow the progress of the state props, and we’ll stay glued to the swirling national map of reds and blues that, as it fills in, will like nothing so much as a SWAT team pulling up outside your window at 6 p.m. in a dark, post-Daylight Savings Time world.

See you here!