LoCO dramatization

… don’t freak. The government is not stealing trees to use as wooden missiles designed to crush your greenhouse. That will never happen again. 

No, this week the Mattole Salmon Group will be using a Columbia Chinook-like helicopter to transport whole trees into the Mattole Estuary as part of fish habitat restoration efforts. The work is to be done downstream from Petrolia starting today and extending possibly through Wednesday, Sept. 21. 

From a Mattole Salmon Group press release: 

The work is part of the implementation of the BLM 5 Year Estuary Restoration Plan which is designed to improve salmon and steelhead habitat. Using a helicopter allows for the placement of whole trees, which more closely mimics natural wood recruitment. This approach allows for accelerated wood recruitment and provides immediate fish habitat improvements.

MSG urges the public to steer clear of the river bar below Petrolia for safety reasons. An information booth will be set up along Lighthouse Road if you’re in the area and have questions.

# # #  

Another brief note about metal objects scheduled to soar above us this week: PG&E is plans to inspect gas transmission lines in remote parts of Humboldt between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 21, weather permitting. No helicopter this time. A fixed-wing plane will be flying at around 5,000 feet. If issues are identified it may drop lower. 

This has been your regular LoCO sky update. Carry on, one and all.