Humboldt Bay Fire responds to courthouse elevator entrapment. Photos: John Ross Ferrara.

As noted over on “Scanner Traffic Indicates,” Humboldt Bay Fire was summoned to the Humboldt County Courthouse this morning to see what they could do about a dozen people trapped in an elevator somewhere up high, between floors.

A bunch of engines were dispatched, as well as a command unit. The building’s maintenance department were present when firefighters arrived, and a tech from the elevator company was summoned. The rescuers were standing around on the fourth floor, planning a course of action, when all of a sudden the stuck elevator’s doors opened up and three people exited.

The firefighters, in some confusion, asked if they were the people who had been stuck, and they were. It seems that the others had gotten off on another floor. Turns out that elevator techs had hit some kind of reset switch and 

Here’s the postmortem from Deputy Fire Chief Bill Reynolds:

Bill Reynolds