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Finding, getting, and keeping a job can be a difficult task, but for adults with developmental and physical disabilities the challenge is even greater with fewer opportunities.

So the Community Access Project for Eureka has gone above and beyond this week to provide a new pilot program for those individuals called “Inclusion WORKS for Eureka.”

CAPE hosts all sorts of awesome activities for people to better their lives, but typically focuses on helping the low-income, homeless and otherwise disadvantaged.

“Over the past year we’ve had really successful programs so far, so we were excited to expand and broaden our horizons into working with people with disabilities,” said Eureka’s recreation coordinator, Jenny McGee. “So this was our first time to jump in to that, and it’s been going great so far.”

CAPE teamed up with Gaining Ground and the Butler Valley Carole Sund Foundation, which serve individuals with disabilities, to find the 14 participants. In the mornings facilitators host interactive workshops to teach job basics, then they hit the streets in the afternoons to get vocational training while beautifying Eureka.

The week-long program was made possible solely from fundraising and CAPE’s League of Heroes.

And to top it off, CAPE also partnered with Express Employment Services, so the participants not only learn and make friends, they’re going to get paid.

In this LoCO Video Report we join the group for a day of activities around town.