Gonsea Restaurant. Photo: Google Street View.




Gonsea Restaurant, which has served Chinese food and sushi at its location near the northern entrance to Eureka for over 20 years, was briefly shuttered by the county health department earlier this month, after an inspection showed dangerous conditions in the kitchen.

The restaurant has since retooled and has opened again. Today, its management sent the Outpost a statement that accepts blame for the closure and promises to do better.

Statement below:

Commitment to quality

Gonsea Restaurant has a tradition of serving quality food to Humboldt County, and in the process has earned many customers.

Recent health concerns are not typical of our restaurant.  Most of the recent issues relate to poor training of recently hired employees, for which I myself must bear responsibility. A thorough review by Ray Smith of the Health Department identified areas we could improve upon. With the help of the Health Department, we have instituted new training for employees along with new food handling procedures to ensure that our customer’s health is our number one priority, and that we maintain high standards in our restaurant.

I am pleased to report that following a 90-minute inspection on April 24th (DAOM0MT W3), all of the points raised have been addressed to the satisfaction of the inspectors.  They noted: “Overall observations suggest a tremendous improvement in cleanliness, compliance, and safe operation of this food facility.” 

I would like to take this opportunity to recommit our restaurant to the highest standards of health and quality. 

This has been a humbling experience, and I would like to apologize to our customers. I wish to have the opportunity to serve the people of Humboldt County for a long time to come, and I hope that our customers will give us the opportunity to prove our dedication to the healthy, quality food that they deserve.

Cheng Zheng
Management of Gonsea