There is no original sound because of naughty-naughty language. Video by Mike Carlson

A curious, fuzzy, oh-so cuddly little black bear decided to get a closer look at one of those “automobile” things yesterday.

According to a Yurok Tribe Facebook post, Forestry Department workers Mike Carlson, Tyrone Crayton Sr. and Johnny Scott were scrubbing roads near Klamath when a spring cub wandered into the road.

“The bear walked right in the roadway, prompting the alert driver to slow the truck to a stop,” the Facebook post reads. “Instead of darting back into the forest, which is what normally happens, the animal tried to hide under the vehicle and in the wheel well.”

After gawking at the adorable critter for a few minutes, forestry workers report that the cub crawled down the tire and back into the woods, where its mother was waiting at a safe distance.

Happy travels, little fluff ball.