Photo from Taco Faktory’s Facebook page.

Arcata-based Taco Faktory, arguably the most popular food truck in town, was shut down today by the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services Division of Environmental Health following a failed inspection.

During a routine inspection of the Asian-Mexican fusion vehicle’s facilities this afternoon a county health inspector noted several major and minor health code violations including meats kept above the required temperatures, soiled food contact surfaces and an improperly stocked hand-washing station.

The truck’s owner, Armando Ruiz, has been ordered to correct the violations and submit to a re-inspection before the truck can be reopened.

Here’s a list of the violations observed:

  • No paper towels for employee hand-drying
  • The hand-washing sink was blocked by dishes
  • Some meats, which are required to be kept at or below 41 degrees, were measured in the low- to mid-50s
  • Some food contact surfaces were “visibly soiled”
  • There was “build-up” on equipment, including the refrigerator and screens over the hood fans
  • The truck uses “quatemary ammonium” for sanitizing, but it didn’t have test strips on hand to ensure it was the proper concentration
  • There was no “probe thermometer” onsite

You can read the full inspection report by clicking here.