Public Safety

May 2024

State Officials Close Humboldt County’s Recreational Razor Clam Fishery Again Due to Domoic Acid Toxicity

March 2024

GET A WINDOW BREAKER! Arcata Fire District Says a Driver Survived a Water Crash Last Week Because They Were Carrying This Useful Tool

November 2023

DHHS Social Services Branch Has ‘Major Outbreak’ of COVID; Wait Times Longer Than Usual

August 2022

Dangerous Levels of Cyanobacteria Identified in Big Lagoon

July 2022

Eureka’s Revamped Police Oversight Board Reviews Bylaws, Staffing Levels at EPD, Newly Approved City-Owned Security Camera Policy

August 2021

(UPDATE: REOPENED) Eureka Vietnamese Restaurant Pho Thien Long Closed by Health Department After Routine Inspection Finds Evidence of Rodent, Cockroach Infestation

July 2021

Boil-Water Advisory Issued for Klamath Community Services District Due to Violation of California Safe Drinking Water Act, Yurok Tribe Says

February 2020

CORONAVIRUS TIPS: County Health Department Offers Advice to Local Businesses With Concerns About COVID-19

January 2020

HEADS UP: Caltrans Has Started Removing Eucalyptus Along Highway 101 Safety Corridor

October 2019

Caltrans is Bringing in an Arborist to Assess Health and Safety of Eucalyptus Trees Along 101 Safety Corridor

September 2019

Eureka and Rio Dell Mayors Team Up For Delightful Informational Video About PG&E Power Shutoffs

August 2019

(UPDATE: CLEARED TO REOPEN) County Health Department Shuts Down Eureka’s China Woks 88 Buffet After Inspection Reveals Cockroach Infestation

Use Extra Caution While Swimming in the Trinity River This Labor Day; Dam Release Will Cause Colder, Swifter Waters than Usual

May 2019

County Health Experts Warn People to Stay Out of the Poopy Creek at Moonstone Beach

Eureka Police Chief Decries ‘Hostile and Threatening Speech’ Directed at Needle Exchange Program; Says EPD Will be on Hand to Ensure Peace at HACHR Picnic Tomorrow

Tick Season Is Coming! Here’s Some Tips on How to Protect Yourself From Their Nasty Bites

February 2019

Eyes Forward, Eureka Drivers! Old Town Had a Few New Stop Signs Installed Today

December 2018

ON THE INSIDE: Two Inmates and Two Officers Describe What It’s Like, Day-in and Day-out, In the County Jail

November 2018

An Explosive Reminder Not to Deep-Fry Your Frozen Turkey, and More Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips

September 2017

(PHOTOS) Playing Hardball, Eureka Demolishes Another Squires-Owned Building

August 2017

Speed Limit in Eureka School Zones May Soon Drop to 15 MPH

(VIDEO) RIP, Blue Heron Motel! Troublesome Squires-Owned Building Demolished by Eureka

Eureka’s China Buffet Cleared to Reopen Following County Health Department Shut-Down

Eureka’s China Buffet Shut Down After Inspector Finds Major Health Code Violations Including a Vermin Infestation and Raw Chicken Stored Atop Broccoli

County Health Department Shuts Down Arcata’s Taco Faktory Truck After Failed Inspection

July 2017

Score Another One for Bomb-Bot! Sheriff’s Office Robot Puts Suspicious Object in its Belly and Safely Blows it Up

May 2017

TICKS! County Explains How to Protect Yourself From These Disgusting, Blood-Sucking, Disease-Ridden Hellspawn

September 2016

KINS Asks Eureka Police Chief If He’s Prepared to Fight ‘Ecoterrorists,’ the Station’s Imaginary Boogeymen of 25 Years Ago

August 2016

Careful, Reggae Goers: Potentially Toxic Algae Now in Full Bloom on the Eel River

June 2016

(MAP) Beware: Here Are Humboldt County’s Roadkill Hot Spots

Careful in the Eel River This Week, Folks: PG&E Releasing Extra Water to Test Its Dam Powerhouse

February 2016

Three Big Takeaways From This Year’s Measure Z Funding Requests

LoCO Readers Report Widespread Power Outages in Eureka

December 2015

What To Do When Jerks In Trucks Harass Beachgoers

September 2015

‘All of Our Efforts On Homelessness Are Paying Off,” Says Eureka Police Chief

August 2015

Local Clams and Mussels Could Poison You, California Public Health Warns

July 2015

LoCO Blackout Bot Says Humboldt’s Power is Seriously Messed Up Right Now

Naked Man Rescued From Pylon in Humboldt Bay

May 2015

High-Load Truck Trailer Smashes Into Rio Dell Bridge, Causing Damage

Eureka’s Police Services Officers Look to the Public and City Council to Save Their Jobs

April 2015

A Year in the County Jail: One Inmate Describes Her Life Inside, From Kitchen Duty to Watching The Voice

January 2015

North Jetty Call Box: Should It Live or Should It Die?

December 2014

Meet Old Town Eureka’s New Foot Patrol Officer

November 2014


Eureka Police Department Promotions Doled Out at Wharfinger Building Ceremony; Small Protest Outside

October 2014

Mariners Beware: Massive Communications Outage Hits Coast Guard Command Center

Fortuna Schools Briefly Placed on Lockdown Due to Employee Behavior

September 2014

Keep Your Drones, etc. Out of Our Airspace, Says US Coast Guard

December 2013

If You Get Tipsy, You Might Need a Tow

Your Week in Ocean: The Ocean is Scary

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