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BROADWAY SIGN CARNAGE! The Big Roadside Wendy’s Sign Isn’t Looking So Hot This Afternoon

Photo: Daniel Vit.

Been a rough year for Eureka’s own Miracle Mile! This is the second time this year, to the best of our recollection, that one of the outsized and cheery corporate insigniae that grace Broadway Avenue has fallen. The first time: The wind blew down Carl’s Jr.’s. This afternoon a truck took out Wendy’s‘s.

Antifa action? It doesn’t appear so! Photos submitted by various members of the LoCO Faithful indicate that an older gentleman momentarily lost his way. They’re sending out a tow truck to pick up his vehicle now.

Photo: Kathy Defouri Jauernig.

Photo: Kathy Defouri Jauernig.

Photo: Rebecca Prentice.



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