A local mother was driving her son to school this morning when she experienced a sudden medical emergency and pulled over to call an ambulance before gong to St. Josephs Hospital.

But this frightening situation ended with a silver lining thanks to Humboldt Bay Fire.

St. Joe’s ER nurse Randee Litten gave HBF a shoutout on Facebook today after firefighters showed up at the hospital to give the young boy a ride to school in a shiny red firetruck.

“Shout out to Humboldt Bay Fire. A mother was taking her child to school this morning but had to pull over and call an ambulance,” Litten wrote on Facebook. “These heroes showed up in our ED and offered to take the child to school in their fire engine!”

Litten also thanked the boy’s mother for allowing her to share the story online.

“The boy already wanted to be a firefighter, I can only imagine how much this incredible gesture changed his life!” the post reads. “Thank you to the mother for allowing us to share this special moment 👨‍🚒🚒❤️ #heroes#humboldtbayfire.”

HBF shared the story on its own Facebook page, humbly responding to the praise.

“It takes a village,” the HBF post reads. “And sometimes a fire engine 🚒 .”