Since LoCO Labs released it way back in 2012, local folks utilizing the Humboldt Paws Cause have reunited thousands — 4,152, if we’re just counting the cases filed as “reunited” — of wanderlust-filled fuzzy wuzzies with their (one assumes) grateful owners.

… and it feels so good. 


If you somehow are unaware of what Paws Cause is, click on over and familiarize yourself. Could come in handy if you find yourself pet-less in the future. In short: Lose an animal? Post its picture and details on Paws Cause. Find an animal? See above. Once posted, that furry face goes up on the Paws Cause and Lost Coast Outpost homepages and our sister radio stations — KHUM, KLGE, KSLG and KWPT — get notifications with the lost pet’s stats that they then broadcast out to the county. Paws Cause and its affiliated Facebook page have a pretty good track record of turning frowns upside down. Throw it a “like.”

Despite all of its obvious awesomeness, however, the Humboldt Paws Cause struggled in that it did not have a memorable song celebrating it. That all changed today, thankfully, when LoCO checked its inbox to find a note from singer/songwriter Caveman Dave: 


I’m a traveling musician and from my time I spent out here in Humboldt I have discovered a lot of lost animals. In one week alone me and my friends found a dog, a goat and a cow! So I decided to write a little jingle and tell the tale of the experience.

David “Caveman Dave”

Oh dear. There’s no way this song could possibly be good, we thought. We were wrong.  Not only is the song a total earworm but it comes with a grin-inducing animated music video! Hooray!  

Thus, get ready to sing about a small town lost pet website for the rest of your Tuesday and click play, below, now! (Thank you, Caveman Dave!)

… and hooves!