The Profit in Marijuana Country from CNBC.

On Tuesday night the CNBC program “The Profit,” which follows the CEO of a multibillion-dollar corporation as he scours the country for investment opportunities while saying grandiose shit in a dramatic voice, will air an episode about — you guessed it — our own weed industry.

“I’ll take you deep into the mountains — to the marijuana capital of America,” host-slash-super-rich dude Marcus Lemonis says in the promo video (above). “It’s all way up in Northern California, in a place with a mysterious name: ‘The Emerald Triangle.’ At its heart, the infamous Humboldt County.”

Infamous? Dude, harsh.

The promo includes clips of what looks like an extended interview with Honeydew Farms owner Alex Moore, a ride-along with Sheriff Billy Honsal “trying to bust the outlaws”; a few of Eureka’s homeless residents; and an older grower dude who says our region’s economic woes are responsible for the weed industry.

The episode is scheduled to air Tuesday at 10 p.m.

Some more clips (and a claim that we are “the birthplace of marijuana”) are available in the tweets embedded below.