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No one likes crime, especially when it happens at their own home or business. So in this day and age, many have turned to security cameras and sharing the footage online to help catch crooks and others that are up to no good. But it’s still not enough, and the citizens of Humboldt know the feeling all too well.

But video surveillance has been taken to the next level, with cameras that have WiFi and notify you when there’s motion via an app on your phone or other device. Then you can see and hear what’s going on in real-time wherever you’re at, and even speak through the device and turn on lights and sirens.

It’s a modern way for the ordinary person to combat crime, and it’s even starting to get popular in Humboldt.

In this LoCO Video Report we find out more from locals who have such a device.

Then if you’re really digging the concept you can get discounts and potentially free products tonight at a 6 p.m special event at the Wharfinger in Eureka, which is open to all.

It’s called Neighborhood Watch in the Digital Age and Ring and is hosted by the Eureka Police Department, Jeannie Breslin of the Eureka Neighborhood Watch group and I Like Eureka.

Breslin says, “I love and care about our community, and how many people out there have been burglarized, had their cars broken into, or their neighbors have been ripped off, enough is enough. This can change things for us and we can work together to make Eureka a better and safer place to live.”