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After 65 years of doing business at the intersection of Summer and Seventh Streets in Eureka, the Redwood Electronics Corporation is packing up and moving out.

Robert Hindman has worked there for 15 years and been the owner for the past 10. He says he and the staff love their customers, the building and its history, and the memories they’ve made there, but that the amount of crime and blatant drug use happening on daily basis all around the business has pushed them to the limit.

“And when your customers fear for their safety coming to your store, you know it’s time to move out of a place,” he says. “Even where you’ve been for 65 years.”

In this LoCO Video Report we learn more about this longtime Eureka business, the issues they’ve been battling and how they’re using this move as an opportunity to rebrand the company in a new location downtown.