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Humboldt County is rich in nature. with stunning landscapes. While most people try to take care of it, others think the great outdoors is their personal trash can.

Recently, a bunch of garbage was dumped right off the road by a waterway near King Salmon and what was it? Trash bags full of butane canisters!

The canisters are known for being used to illicitly make cannabis concentrate. Over the past few years they have acquired a bad rap, as they were continually being found at the scenes of hash labs explosions. And they were being illegally dumped all over Humboldt.

Roughly one year ago, the Eureka City Council took action and set regulations on the sale, purchase and possession of the butane canisters, and a few months later so did the Arcata City Council.

So after all the controversy surrounding these canisters last year, are they still an issue, or have the regulations helped? Was the King Salmon dumping just an isolated incident?

In this LoCO Video Report we speak with Humboldt Bay Fire, the county’s Environmental Health Division and Humboldt Waste Management Authority to find out. Plus we learn why so many of them are dumped and how they can actually be properly disposed of at a very low cost!