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People across the country are flooding the phone lines of decision-makers and federal and state agencies in an effort to fight back against the Trump administration.

On Tuesdays at noon, a small cozy spot located on the far side of the old Creamery building in Arcata has even turned into a place of action. It’s called the “Power (to the People) Lunch,” spearheaded by Nancy Stephenson and Elizabeth Conner.

The idea developed after Stephenson saw the massive turnout at the Women’s March on Eureka and thought the local movement needed a consistent way to stay in motion.

“You can’t expect people to take off of work,” said Stephenson. “So I thought we’ll do it during lunch so they can swing by and make a couple of calls and then go back to work.” 

The duo provides attendees with accurate up-to-date political information, a list of controversial issues starting with the most prominent and time-sensitive, and a long list of phone numbers for who to call with concerns.

This past Tuesday was only the second time for the power lunch and more than 60 people showed up. Which in the big scheme of things may seem small, but every phone call is having an impact.

“What we know is that last week the Senate received 1.5 million calls per day from people defending our democracy and so we’re part of that,” said Conner.

The power lunch is also a social opportunity. But if you can’t attend in person, the power lunch leaders will gladly send you everything you need to know — just email